Helpful links for our viewers

We have had some great information on the show! Episode 4 we featured the Wirripanda Foundation for our community segment, and more information can be found at:

We also had the lovely Kate from LAM Australia and you can find more information on LAM at:

Also all the amazing Fascinators we were wearing came from:

On Episode 5, we got to visit The Lip Lab in Perth City. You can even request your very own shade of ‘Let’s Talk Now’

Also our friends from Cambridge Weight Plan were more than happy to consult to our viewers about starting a weight loss journey. Find out more information at

Filming Episode’s

Another busy week on the set of Let’s Talk Now!

We have wrapped up filming which airs on October 5th @7pm on Channel 44!

Our amazing guests Tenille Bentley and Ricci Jess joined us to share their amazing accomplishments and stories!

Ricci Sharing her brave story about breast ex-plants

Tenille and her amazing books, and message about ‘digital detox’

Behind the Scenes

It has been an extremely busy week here at Let’s Talk Now. We have recruited our all female crew (and what an absolute amazing group of women we have), we have finished of our set design and even filmed our first run through!

Friday September 21st, we will be shooting our first episode, and we have some amazing guests joining us on the show!

Our amazing all female crew!


Chloe is our head Camera operator and always smiling
Our amazing set was designed and delivered by Stage & Studio Productions
Our Executive Producer and Co-Host Laura enjoying a coffee from Cravings Cafe while Kristen Zinsli hair stylist finishes her curls
A happy snap with Tibor (the Director of WTV) who is making sure our show has a prime time position on Channel 44